THE OLITUS CORPORATION. OLITUS is a startup company based outside of Minneapolis, MN near the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. At OLITUS, we deliver useful, innovative solutions with benefits and features that help make your life a little better … and where it makes sense, a little more fun. We strive to design and deliver innovative and practical solutions that advance a product’s benefits.

OLITUS’ Board of Directors, Executive Management Team and Advisors are some of the brightest, most innovative, and experienced leaders in their respective fields. Each team member has over 20 successful years of leadership and experience in diverse industries such as: health care, utilities, agriculture, engineering, construction, forestry, law, economic and health research, finance, and accounting. With our leadership and innovative ideas, you will start to see things you never imagined before that will not only make life safer but more fun.

OUR PATENTED SMART ILLUMINATION TECHNOLOGY. With the introduction of our patented, illumination technology, OLITUS is revolutionizing dispensing devices. Whether we’re designing an enhanced medicine delivery system or providing you with those small things that foster a great dining experience, we strive to combine beneficial solutions with a cool factor and touch of art . . . where, of course, it makes sense.

Other industries that we plan to work with on this technology whose customers will ultimately benefit from our illumination methodologies include: health and safety, outdoor recreation, petroleum and natural gas, military and police, construction, laboratory testing and research, and many, many others.

The first application of the patented, smart illumination technology is being applied to the restaurant and residential markets to the all too familiar friends on the dining table – the salt and pepper shaker.

The residential salt and pepper shakers will be designed to include revolutionary technology that uses smart-sensors to determine if the shaker is moving and which way it’s pointing. If the sensor detects that the shaker has been picked up, sidelights begin to glow bringing never seen before ambiance to the table. As the shaker is tipped for pouring, a top light is activated so you can see how much salt and pepper are being dispensed and where they’re going. The salt shakers are equipped with a LifeShaker Sodium Alert System that activates by changing the sidelights first to amber and then to red to let you know that you may be using salt excessively. The bottom of the shaker contains an automated built-in flashlight for help in seeing small print in recipes or stumbling through the kitchen looking for a midnight snack … always on the table and always ready for action.

The commercial version of the salt and peppers shakers will have all of the functions and benefits of the residential ones; however, they will also include a ServerAlert Notification System that will signal your server that you require assistance. Simply double tap a shaker and the side colors will change to a flashing red to catch the server or manager’s attention. The bottom spotlights extends functionality to illuminating both the menu and check, so say goodbye to reaching for the cell phone or grabbing for a candle.

Get ready because your world is about to change.